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Modification Orders

Modifying Orders and Agreements

Securing changes in child support, custody or alimony

The circumstances of a family may be quite different ten years after a court order has been executed. With jobs coming and going, children aging, and parents finding new partners, what was sufficient at the time of separation may simply no longer do the trick. Oftentimes, these changes make it necessary to take legal action.

Having been an attorney for over a decade, I have significant experience litigating for families who wish to obtain modifications for various court orders. Some of the family law cases I fight for through Mark Weaver Law include:

  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Visitation
  • Time-sharing
  • Alimony
  • Relocation

Advocating for and parents and children

The procedures of securing the modifications you and your child need can be difficult. To modify existing family law orders, one must present proof of substantial change in a parent or child’s circumstances. At Mark Weaver Law, I will help you to gather sufficient evidence and deliver it to the judge with confidence and diligence. Change or loss of job, medical emergencies, change in a child’s environment and domesticating out-of-state judgements are just some cases that I represent. I will guide you through the process of modification and secure the best results possible.

Individualized legal assistance

When adjusting child support, visitation schedules, and custody arrangements, an individualized approach must be followed. At my firm, we will review your ideal outcomes, examine your family’s existing agreements, and work collaboratively to create the goals which we will bring before the court. In addition, if your ex has requested modifications that are not in the best interests of your children or yourself, I will fight to retain your existing orders.

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