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Divorce Mediation Services

Divorce Mediation

Agreement among divorcing couples

The stress of divorce and litigation can seem insurmountable for couples and their children. At the end of a marriage, the last thing you want is the added anxiety of a courtroom. This is why many couples seek professional mediation services, whether for divorce or other family law matters. Mark Weaver Law offers comprehensive guidance through this alternative dispute resolution process. Through the multitude of knowledge and experience I’ve garnered as a New York City lawyer, I help parties settle numerous issues, including custody, child support, alimony, and property division.

Saving time, money, and turmoil

Mediation provides several significant advantages to any family law case. No matter how near or far you are to reaching your settlement, a certified mediator will improve your situation by helping you to finalize decisions and avoid unnecessary problems. A practiced mediator will ensure:

  • Control — With no need to heed to procedural requirements or the court’s schedule, couples decide what needs to be discussed on the time of their choosing.
  • Cost savings — Whereas the costs of litigation can mount quickly, posing potential financial problems, parties can limit what they spend during mediation.
  • Privacy and stress relief — A private setting offers far more dignity than an open courtroom. When discussing the personal issues associated with divorce, Mark Weaver Law provides a safe space for spouses.

The effectiveness of mediation has been recognized by several states, going so far as to requiring mandatory divorce mediation on the state level. Whether the assistance you seek is at your own request or at that of the court’s, Mark Weaver Law will provide the expertise you need and the support you deserve.

My unbiased approach and deep understanding of family law allow me to find equitable solutions to the most entrenched disagreements. Helping all parties to understand the key legal issues at hand, I work diligently to ensure that the couple can move forward, confident that their needs are met by the outcome we determine.

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Finding a neutral third party to assist you and your spouse can ease the divorce process considerably. Mark Weaver Law provides professional mediation services to resolve issues such as custody arrangements and property division. Call Mark at (646) 331-3686 to schedule a consultation.

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