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Child Support

Child Support

Putting your children first

While parents are separating, children are entitled to financial support from both of their parents. The amount of which is not always even due to circumstantial factors, which is why I offer negotiation services concerning child support. The ability to raise your child safely and securely is my top priority when mitigating such cases. New York families can count on Mark Weaver Law to demonstrate the needs of their children as well as each parent’s financial ability. Negotiating and enforcing fair arrangements prevents children and parents alike from suffering financially through the process of separation.

Helping parents reach fair arrangements

When parents come to me for assistance in child support, they benefit from my extensive knowledge of and experience in case law. I help parents with the following issues:

  • Negotiate child support through mediation
  • Litigate child support issues
  • Enforce child support orders
  • Modify child support orders

I prioritize keeping clients up-to-date and in firm comprehension of New York child support guidelines. It is my duty to ensure you know and feel confident in your rights and those of your children. Families are empowered when they understand how the law applies to them.

Strategic mediation for settlements

Despite the nature of separation, it is important for the wellbeing of their children that parents maintain a cordial relationship. Mediating is one proven step toward establishing such cordiality. Living through the process of divorce is a very turbulent experience for children, and mediation, when performed by a skilled professional, can take significant stress out of conflicts; important choices regarding child rearing are put in the hands of the parents, rather than the court. While there may not be much a separating couple agrees upon, the stability of their children is often a uniting factor that allows them to set hostility aside and focus on decision-making. As a skilled negotiator, I offer mediation services for couples seeking equitable solutions.

Skilled family litigation

In some cases, lawsuits must be carried out to obtain your child’s financial support. If your spouse has fallen behind on payment, I will help you collect the money that your child rightly deserves. In the case of financial problems, changing needs, or altered circumstances, I will petition the court for a just modification of your child support orders. My advocacy in any situation will be carefully prepared and expertly delivered.

Contact Mark to discuss child support

If you need help with seeking, negotiating or enforcing a fair child support order, consulting Mark Weaver Law ensures your strongest chance of achieving the best possible outcome. Call Mark at 646-331-3686 to schedule a consultation.

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