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Achieving fair spousal support decisions

Divorce entails an onslaught of financial decisions. At the top of the list: alimony. While these provisions can be highly contested, appropriate results are achieved swiftly when working with an adequate team. Mark Weaver Law represents parties seeking payments as well as those who are being asked to provide them. As your attorney, I will work with diligence and determination to achieve your fair spousal support decision.

Financial security

There are many ways to pay or be paid by your spouse, and each depends on a slew of factors. Judges consider the following points when determining if alimony should be granted:

  • The length of the couple’s marriage
  • Their standard of living during the marriage
  • The relative income of each individual
  • The needs of each spouse

There’s a lot to be considered here, but you don’t have to do it by yourself. As a skilled alimony attorney, I am trained in convincing courts in my client’s favor. Whether you need financial support or you need proof that your ex does not need it, I will craft and deliver a compelling argument as to why the judge should rule to your advantage.

I advise clients on the types of alimony that are relevant to their divorce, which may include:

  • Temporary alimony — Meant to provide support during divorce proceedings, temporary alimony helps recipient spouses address their financial needs until the case is resolved.
  • Rehabilitative alimony — To help a dependent spouse acquire or re-establish the skills they need to become self-reliant, rehabilitative alimony can be granted. This support may end when enough time has passed for the recipient to find a suitable job or complete their education.
  • Reimbursement alimony — These payments might be awarded to the spouse who worked, took care of the home or made other contributions while their spouse pursued professional training or career development.
  • Permanent alimony — Permanent alimony may be given to a spouse who is seriously ill or who is unable for another reason to earn enough income to maintain their standard of living. It is more likely to exist at the end of a long marriage where one party didn’t work outside the home. Despite the name, these orders are frequently modified due to changing financial needs or other circumstances.

At Mark Weaver Law, I will work with you to determine what type(s) of alimony may be granted in your unique situation. From there, I will advocate on your behalf and secure the best result possible.

Championing disputes and revisions

Oftentimes clients point out their concern for the future: what if their circumstances change? Will they still be required to pay the same alimony as originally determined? Others come to me in distress because their ex has failed to deliver the payment specified by the order. How do they proceed? With over a decade of marital law experience, Mark Weaver Law will petition the court for suitable revisions to alimony arrangements, and will take enforcement action when a partner fails to pay on time (or at all). I pride myself in providing the support clients need to pursue positive outcomes during times of uncertainty.

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